Reviving Your Lanai: A Tale of Screen Repair and Outdoor Comfort

Lanai Screen Replacement in Tampa

 Like it came out of nowhere, a disoriented bird flew and hit the lanai of my house. Not only it was a big shock for me and my family to hear the sound of the collision but it also caused quite a damage on the lanai. The collision tore a screen and practically damaged it. Well, in case anyone wondering, luckily the bird survives without serious injury other than being shocked and disoriented for a while before making her way out and flying. What was left was me figuring out how to deal with the damaged lanai screen.

The lanai is one of the favorite spots of the family. The porch is a great place to hang out as it gives the feeling of an outdoor environment and thanks to the lanai screens protecting the porch from the wind, dust, and pest animals. With a damaged lanai screen, it would be a big problem as the lanai isn’t as comfortable as before. The torn screen opens a hole from winds and dust not to mention possible pest animals can sneak their way in the porch and cause a mess. I know very well, this problem must be fixed right away.

Opting for Professional Lanai Repair

First, I thought about repairing myself. It seems like replacing the torn screen with the new one won’t be a very difficult thing to do and it is perfect for a weekend DIY project. But after digging for more information about lanai repair, I underestimated it. Lanai screening isn’t a simple thing and more importantly, it must be done precisely for optimum results. That’s when I realized it’s better to hire a professional lanai repair service. When I search more and ask for references for the best lanai screen repair service here in Tampa, most people recommend the same name and that is Screen Solutions.

I learned that this company is a licensed contractor and certified pool screen enclosure and lanai screen installer. This company has more than 16 years of reputation in this industry and has been installing and maintaining screen enclosures and lanais all over Tampa for its highly satisfied customers.

Seamless Lanai Repair

Once I called the company, the staff answering my phone was really helpful. I got information about the repair process and scheduled an inspection visit from its team. When the team came to see my lanai and inspected the damage, the team provided the quiet for the repair work. The quite covers all costs and they also informed me that the repair work will be bonded and insured. The surprising one was the repair cost offered was very competitive. It didn’t take long before I agreed and consented to the repair work.

The actual repair work lasted less than a day. The team seemed very professional and worked efficiently. The screen replacement was done with a very precise result and it brought back my lanai like a brand new one. Not only that, they leave after they clean and remove the old screen and also make sure the working area is clean and tidy again. I couldn’t be more satisfied with Screen Solutions’ service and that’s the reason I recommend this company highly.